Transparent Wound Dressing


Successful intravenous therapy requires confidence that the line will remain securely in the vein and the entry site free from infection, trauma and phlebitis. The VIOMED I.V. Dressing / Film Dressing range incorporates innovative design characteristics to help meet these requirements.

The range offers simplicity of application, security of fixation and site protection – all backed by clinical evidence. A standard product is available for routine I.V. dressing requirements. Enhanced designs are available for more challenging situations. For evidence based confidence, choose VIOMED I.V. Dressings / Film Dressings.



  • An easy-to-use window frame delivery.
  • Easy remove the over exudates or sweat, which makes it easy to observe the wound.
  • Soft,comfortable,and hypoallergenic,can be applicable to every part of body.
  • Strong viscosity, keep on the wound up to 7 days.
  • Transparent dressing applicable for the wrapping and fixing of all kinds of wound.
  • Aseptic nursing of postoperative wound, acute
  • Injury,wound,small incision and laceration wound and also applicable for the intravenous infusion catheter fixation.


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