Three Balls Spirometer


The three balls spirometer is mainly used for normal breathing restored training for the patients who has just done splanchnocoele operation.

The surface of the three balls spirometer should be clean, without blot, impurities,breakage,etc.,and the containing mark should
be clear to read, there should be no breakage in the tube.
The volume tolerance of the containing mark should be within the range of ±10% of the lavel-value.

Using the three balls spirometer can help to:

Open your airways and make it easier for you to breathe.
Prevent a buildup of fluid and mucus in your lungs.
Prevent a collapse of one or both your lungs.
Prevent serious lung infections like pneumonia
Improve your breathing after you’ve had surgery or pneumonia.
Manage the symptoms of lung disease such as COPD
Keep your airways open and lungs active if you’re on bed rest

1. Main chamber, Material:PS
2. Indicated Ball, Material:ABS
3. Mouth piece, Material : PP
4. Filter Sponge, Material:PU
5. Inhale Tubing, Material:EVA


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