Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope


Brief Introduction
Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope is designed to detect the entire range of heart and chest auscultation. It is five stethoscopes in one for full range and flexible diagnostic capability that is clinically proven to deliver more faint heart sounds and murmurs than other stethoscopes. Worldwide, it is the most popular stethoscope (76 cm overall length) on the market today and the top choice of the medical professionals.

Product Features

Chrome plated chest piece with large and small diaphragm.
Binaurals, chrome plated, with plastic medium-size ear tips.
Latex-free heavy wall tubing with metal clip.
Interchangeable bell-type chest pieces: adult, medium, and infant.
Spare ear tips: large and small.
Spare transparent plastic diaphragms: large and small.
Sturdy plastic container for all accessories.
Superior sound sensitivity.
Available in one size only.
Individually Packed in a box, 50 per Case.
Color Black, Gray, Blue, Lavender, Red, Hunter Green, Yellow, Orange


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