Mercury-free glass thermometer


Mercury free Glass Thermometer | Item# TM150

Brief Introduction
The Mercury free Glass Thermometer is designed to protect earth environment, which is Non-toxic, mercury free, contains a liquid alloy consisting of gallium, indium and tin, which is called GALINSTAN

Mercury-free glass thermometer Features
Measuring range: (min.) 35.5 ℃ to 42.0℃
Resolution: 0.1℃
Permissible measuring tolerance: +0,1℃; -0,15℃
Storage temperature range: (-15 to +42) ℃
Measuring sites: axillary, oral and rectal
Minimum measuring time: 4 min
Thermometric liquid: Galinstan (eutectic mixture of gallium, indium and tin)
Packaging: each in rigid plastic box, with or w/o centrifuge container.


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