Infusion Bag


PVC Infusion Bags

Alldens Maskin specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of lay-flat tubing, tubes and flexible pvc containers also known as plasticized pvc bags. The different production stages of the product are integrated, as Alldens Maskin controls manufacture of lay-flat tubing and plasticized pvc tube, basic materials for making the bags.
Our principal product, then, is the flexible pvc bag, either on its own, or with its fittings and connectors, or incorporated into assemblies including accessories such as tube assemblies and other bags.

Product Features
Material: Cristal PVC (medical grade)
Size: 100ml, 150ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 3000ml
Available: Single tube, Dual tube

For the pharmaceutical laboratory:

Custom-made printing
Optimal storage
Automatic or manual filling
Bag plugging with polycarbonate components(no addition of solvent, adhesive or irradiation)
Sterilization of empty bags through EO and of filled bags in water-spray or steam autoclaves

For the end-user:

Very high resistance to impacts during transportation
Handling safety
Medicinal reconstitution via a sterile transfer set
The use of the bags is suited to ambulatory conditions
Saving of gestures and time in solution preparation and administration thanks to the easy hold of the bag and components,
Greater safety in the administration of the solution: No air intake.


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