High Elastic Bandage


Description of Bandage

  • Permanent elastic strong compression bandage with a high stretch for controllable compression.
  • The permanent elasticity is due to the use of covered polyurethane threads.
  • With selvedges and fixed ends.
  • Made of cotton, polyester, elastic rubber.

Packages of Bandag

  • Each bandage is wrapped individually in a waterproof bag (cellophane)
  • The outer package is strong cardboard carton to keep best storing condition.

Advantages of Bandage

  • High elasticity, washable, sterilizable.
  • Extensibility is about 180% (Differs to different materials)

Indications of Bandage

For treatment, after-care and prevention of recurrence of working and sports injuries, after-care of varicose veins damage and operation as well as for therapy of vein insufficiency.


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