Foley Catheter


Latex foley catheter, silicone coated

Foley Catheter Features

Smooth tapered tip of catheters facilitates easy introducing into the urethra
The drainage eyes are accurately formed to permit effective drainage
The symmetrical balloon expands equally in all directions so as to perform its function of retaining bladder efficiently
The smooth outer surface is specially treated with medical grade silicon fluid which facilitates easy passage through urethra
Color Coded sleeves are useful for easy and rapid size identification
Plastic valve permits simple use of all commonly used type of syringe nozzles for easy inflation / deflation and are proved to be more efficient than Rubber valves
Available with Plastic or Rubber valve

Latex Foley Catheter SIlicone Coated Size Balloon Volume
2 Way pediatric 6FR-10FR 3-5ml
2 Way pediatric 12FR-26FR 5-10/30ml
2 Way pediatric 16FR-26FR 30ml
One way 8FR-24FR N/A


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