Elastic Tubular Net Bandage


Elastic Tubular Net Bandage( Orthopedic Stockinette) are high quality, tubular, seamless bandage made of nylon-covered rubber yarn holds dressing securely in place without using adhesive tape. It conforms easily to virtualy all body contours, allowing unrestricted movement, also allow maximum air circulation, and stretches for inspection and redressing of wounds without removing the complete bandage. Will not ravel or lost elasticity if cut. Which can be used on hard to wrap injuried to the hips, shoulders, head, ankle, chest, etc. Its functions include simple adjustment, steadfast, allows natural range of motion, highly flexible, and breathable. Especially it is good for healing and burning injuries.


Size Use for Width (mm)
1/2  Little Finger 12
1 Toe & children’s finger 14
2 Finger & Children’s wrist 20
3 Hand, wrist & Children’s arm 25
4 Arm, foot & children’s leg 35
5  Knee & children’s thigh, head 42
6  Thigh, head & children’s torso 52
7  Adult’s torso 70


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