Crystalline Fructose Powder



Crystalline Fructose Powder intense sweetness lets you use less of it than other products to create reduced-calorie and healthy foods and beverages. Its highly sweet flavor is perceived very quickly, without being overpowering. 

Fructose occurs naturally in many fruits. Although chiefly used as a sweetener, fructose offers many unique benefits, which today’s food technologists can utilize to optimize product formulation and marketing strategies.  crystalline fructose powder, the sweetest of all nutritive sugars, can be used alongside other nutritive and high-intensity sweeteners to give a wide variety of food and beverages the perfect sweetness profile. With a high relative sweetness and low glycemic index, crystalline fructose is ideal for use in reduced-sugar formulations. Crystalline fructose powder contains high levels of sweetness for sweet taste with reduced calories. Crystalline fructose powder has a high proportion of fermentable carbohydrates, along with increased sweetness especially useful in baked goods such as bread, rolls, and more. Crystalline fructose powder slows down crystal formation and provides a desirable body in ice creams and frozen desserts, offering lower viscosity and high sweetness levels ideal for confections, and more.


Crystalline Fructose Powder Packaging: 55 lb Bag

Crystalline Fructose Powder Bulk Pallet: 50-55 lb Bag

5LB Bag: Repackaged from the larger bag in our facility

Item Number: D-0107


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