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Clear flour is made from the millstreams that remain after the patent flours are removed, our first clear provides excellent absorption tolerance and volume. It also features higher gluten content, allowing it to carry a high percentage of rye, whole wheat and other ingredients. Our clear flour is ideal for making breads, such as rye and whole wheat bread.


Despite its name, clear flour is darker in color, as well as stronger and coarser tasting than patent flour. Due to its grayish color, it is often used to make rye bread and whole grain bread. Clear flour is more nutritious than patent flour because it is higher in bran, ash and protein. Clear flour is also the most affordable commercial flour there is. For those interested in making nice, Italian or rye bread, check out our clear flour, available in bulk or home use.

Clear Flour Bulk Packaging: 5 lb Bag

Shelf Life: 180 days at recommended storage conditions

Allergen Information: Contains Wheat

Applications: It is ideal for all varieties of rye breads and rolls, pumpernickel, bagels, pretzels, hard and Kaiser rolls, specialty pan breads, hearth breads and European crusty breads.

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Item Number: D-0555


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