Burette Infusion Set


burette infusion set| Item# IV105

Product Features
Clear, soft, cylindrical and calibrated measured volume chamber with bold graduation
Chamber injection port allows medication to be injected into burette chamber for medication mixture
Chamber vent allows air to enter chamber through hydrophobic membrane to prevent solution contamination
Precision Flow Regulator for accurate dispensing of solution and precise flow control
Burette type measured volume of 110ml., with 10ml., overflow limit Efficient Roller controller for better flow control
Specially designed floating auto shut off valve acts as floating indicator and automatically shut off the drain path when the chamber gets empty to prevent air trapping in the fluid line
Separate plug for extra medication and continues change over
Drop size of 60 drops/ml.

Disposable, non toxic & pyrogen free, sterile ready for use
Other Capacity : 100ml, 110ml, 150ml

Option Available for IV Burette set:

-With or without Hanger
-“Y” injection port (Latex or Latex – free)
-Luer lock or Luer slip
-Air vented or non-vented spike
-Latex or Latex free automatic shut off valve
-With or without needle


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