Blood Collection Needle


Used to collect blood for testing, usually used together with vacuum tube. It provide fast and convenient blood multiple sampling by single puncture.
Blood Collection Needle allows you to deliver exceptional patient care without compromising personal safety.
This product is intended for blood collection and infusion procedures. It is a necessity for automatic blood collection.

1. Multisampling Collection Needle

The uniquely sharpened faceting simplifies penetration of tissue.
In comparison with other common needled, painful trauma is considerably reduced.
The specially sharpened point results in miniml tissue damage and thromboplastin seepage.

Flash-back Blood Needle

Flashback blood collection needle is a multi-sample needle that provides instant confirmation of needle placement, through a unique visual flashback indication.
The Flashback needle avoids the need to probe for a vein, as well as the potential of multiple sticks of the same patient in cases where the vein is hard to find.
The needle has a transparent plastic hub, which functions as a view window.
Intuitive, easy-to-use, single-handed activation device combines safety with added reassurance of flashback for the confidence of success.

Name Blood collection needle/Vacutainer needle
Material Medical grade PVC
Color Yellow, Green, Black, Blue
Needle gauge 20G, 21G, 22G, 23G
Expired period 2 years
Components Needle, cap and sleeve
Sterile EO Gas
Certificates CE & ISO13485


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