Anesthesia Breathing Circuit Set


Anesthesia Breathing Circuit Sets is a breathing system consisting of an assembly of components, which connects the patient’s airway to the anesthesia machine, creating an artificial atmosphere, from and into which the patient breathes. One hose conducts inhaled anesthetic to the mask and the other sends exhaled anesthetic back to the machine.

The circuits delivers anesthetic gases to the patient and may or may not allow re-breathing of expired gases by providing with several standard circuit configurations and a variety of components in either adult or pediatric sizes that meets your specifications as a means of streamlining anesthesia set-ups and to help you identify, control and reduce procedural costs.


Anesthesia Breathing Circuit Sets Features

Circuits constructed of lightweight, flexible and patient-safe 15 mm expandable tubing
Choose from our extensive line of corrugated, expandable and single-limb circuits
Tubing is 100% leak inspected at production
Breathing bags are made from our unique synthetic-rubber blend that is not made with natural rubber latex
This material was designed to provide optimal feedback for accurate pressure assessment
Not made with natural rubber latex


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